Dry Cleaners and Laundary services- Alberta Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaning involves the process of cleaning clothes without the use of water. Instead of using water to clean, other non-water based chemical solvents are used to clean clothes. Very large and technically developed computer-controlled washing machines are used for the dry cleaning process. In this process, clothes are washed using a liquid solvent which evaporates much quicker than water.  There are two advantages of dry cleaning:

First is, water swells the fibres which cause shrinking and fading of garments. Second is, dry cleaning solvents remove dirt, oil and grease much more easily than water.

This process has quite a few steps to it: Inspection and Tagging, Pre-Spotting, The Dry Cleaning Process, Post Spotting, Finishing Touches.                

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They value each minute and provide on-time delivery services with quality maintained at the same time. Pick-up and delivery services are also available making your day hustle free. A well-trained staff and attendant with affordable price to fit in the budget makes them best dry cleaners in Sherwood Park. They value each and every penny spent on them. They believe in building long-lasting relationships.